Sothys Anti-Ageing Shield

We all know that you can’t really go wrong with Sothys skin care, but this great company has introduced its Cosmeceutical Anti-Ageing Shield Creams and Serums. They have created unique, dual-action cream emulsions to address both the primary cause of ageing skin (such as free radicals, sun damage, glycation, etc) and the effect that ageing has on a particular skin (loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, slow skin cell division, etc).

There are four grades of cream and serum intensity suited to the needs of a particular skin age. They contain messenger peptides to boost the natural system of damaged DNA fragments, so that cells can activate signals to repair themselves.

The potency of Sothys Anti-Ageing Skin Care System multiplies in each grade of skin ageing when a corresponding Cosmeceutical Serum is used in conjunction with the Anti-Ageing Shield Crème.

Another important active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a natural skin filler to plump out the dermis layer (by retaining water within) and to stimulate collagen production (essential for increasing skin firmness and skin density).
Diana’s review: With a pleasant and subtle floral fragrance, these creams and serums deliver pretty impressive results.

After two weeks of using them I can safely say that my skin had become considerably softer, more glowing and with less visible pores (I hate enlarged pores!) even though I’ve been through some pretty stressing times lately.
Overall, the serum did a good job of helping to balance my combination skin/ It delivered moisture and reduced the usual redness where my skin needed it, yet was not too creamy so that I could apply it twice a day, in the morning and at night without feeling like I was overloading my face with creams.

I tend to apply the anti-ageing shield cream quite liberally and although it seemed like a lot in the first 30 seconds, my skin “sucked” it in leaving no greasy residue, only beautifully soft texture.
Priced between AU$115 and AU$150 per bottle some may feel this treat is a bit on the dearer side, but is money well-spent as far as skin care products go. Besides, you can always grab yourself a good deal on www.skinsentials with the lowest prices guaranteed and other perks such as free bonus products or discount coupons.