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Does Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer really work?

I am 44, stressed and young at heart so I took the plunge this week and ordered the Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer from Skinsentials

I eagerly slapped some under my right eye to demo to my husband. He was not impressed as it didn't look that different and then it started looking powdery. It turns out, you're supposed to clean your face first. I jumped in the shower, then tried again (after reading the instructions this time!)

I called my husband back for a second opinion, and he was amazed. It really did get rid of my wrinkles, smoothed out my puffy bags, and lightened the dark circles. It made me feel instantly better, and I swear I look younger. It is brilliant stuff, you just have to practice, and make sure to don't apply too much.

Another tip: make sure you use mineral powder foundation, and it goes on effortlessly, with a lovely smooth finish. It also lasts very well, and I cannot now see myself going out without applying it - the difference is that noticeable.

All in all, this is really brilliant stuff, I heartily recommend it to anyone the wrong side of 40.

Mel D.

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