Active Ingredients

Acetyl hexapeptide-3

The Ultimate Botox Alternative. Evidence suggest that Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 offers the same results as Botox without needles or the risk of damage to the skin or facial muscles. Acetyl hexapeptide-3 is a synthetic anti-wrinkle cosmetics ingredient. It is a peptide which is a shortened version of Botulinum toxin (Botox). Acetyl hexapeptide-3 .

Ascorbyl Palmitate

The benefits of Vitamin C include promoting collagen synthesis, photo- protection from ultraviolet A and B, lightening hyper-pigmentation, and improvement of a variety of inflammatory dermatoses.

Coenzyme Q10

Also known as ubiquinone, it is a vitamin-like, fat-soluble substance present in all human cells. It is responsible for cell protection and production of the body’s energy.
Studies have shown that Coenzyme Q10 may have an effect on skin and the appearance of wrinkles, most notably by reducing UV damage, stimulating healthy collagen production, and reducing substances in damaged skin that wreck havoc on its support structure.
There is also research showing that sun exposure depletes the presence of CoQ10 in the skin. This is not surprising because many of the skin’s components become diminished on exposure to the sun. The latest research suggests that topical application of CoQ10 has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. As such, it is one of many helpful antioxidants for skin.

Deanol – Muscle Toning and Firmness Activator

Applying Deanol on skin helps produce acetycholine causing skin to firm and the muscles underneath to tone-up. Long-term use of Deanol helps to permanently achieve a leaner look because the muscle tone in our face improves.

Clinical studies show Deanol actually helps increase circulation and tone to the lips, creating a fuller, firmer appearance.
One of the more spectacular anti-aging effects of Deanol, is the natural lift it could produce in the eyelids in just a few days of use.

Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid

Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid - Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant (D3PA)
D3PA is a universal antioxidant which fights free-radicals known to wrinkles. Free-radicals cause wrinkles by attacking and damaging healthy skin cells.
D3PA has explosively more staying power than any other antioxidant.

Ubiquinone - Super Anti-Oxidant

Ubiquinone which most scientists claim clearly out-shines all other antioxidants available today.

It boosts our body's ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules, helping our skin look young, healthy and wrinkle-free.