The Uzzle 2.0

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Pattern recognition positively predicts general math knowledge later in school! The family that plays together, stays together. This game will not only bring the family together, but make it smarter, too!

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  • 100 Puzzles to boggle the mind and work the hands
  • Big Blocks, suitable for children 4 and up
  • 4 Levels of Difficulty (Level 1 will be slightly easier for young kids while level 4 is more challenging

  • Compete With Family & Friends To See Who Will Be The Best


    Includes: 4 sets of 10 blocks, 100 unique challenges, 4 difficulty levels (25 cards per level)
    Age: 4+
    Players: 1-4 (Unlimited players if you get extra sets of blocks)
    Game Play Length: 10-20 minutes
    Material: high-quality plastic

    Let the fun begin! Players sprints to arrange a set of 5 blocks so that they match a pattern shown on a card. First player to succeed grabs the card and a new matching race starts. Tensions rise as you scramble to outpace and outsmart your opponents in this ingenious game of perception.

    The most satisfying element of this game is the big blocks. They are colorful and light and fun to work with, but don't let the looks fool you: the clock is ticking and the right combination is not so easily achieved.

    Smart and Fast Fun! Fast-paced and lots of action! A game of rapid visual recognition! Perfect for game nights with family & friends!

    How to Play.

    Before starting, decide how many Uzzles you have to complete to win the game. There are 4 levels to play. Select the cards for the level(s) you want to use and shuffle the cards and leave them stacked in the centre of the table. Each player receives 5 blocks. Flip over the top card and race to see who can solve the Uzzle first. Once you finish, shout “Uzzle!” and grab the card. Let the other players examine that you have correctly arranged your blocks. If you have correctly solved the Uzzle, you get to keep the card. Once you have solved the correct number of Uzzles you win the game.

    The Science

    "Patterning positively predicts general math knowledge (Rittle-Johnson et al., 2019). Mulligan, Oslington, and English (2020) concluded that students who received an intervention in patterning demonstrated significant growth in awareness of pattern and structure when compared to students who did not receive the additional intervention. When the groups were compared one year later, the difference between the two groups was even greater.

    The impact of the patterning instruction had a positive influence on the first-grade skills of the intervention group, and their teachers reported that the intervention students were able to explain and make connections between mathematical concepts. The study did note that this intervention was more intense and encompassed more classroom time than a typical classroom mathematics instruction.

    An unexpected key finding was that students were able to develop patterning and structure skills that were above the normal curriculum expectations in kindergarten and appeared to support early algebraic thinking."
    Read the full article here:
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