Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer
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16 May 2018

Review for - Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer

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I've been using this product every morning for about 4 years and would never go without it. Smoothing of the under eye lines happens straight away. I know some reviews say it is hard to use but disagree completely and I am a fussy reviewer. You REALLY must apply it correctly to avoid cloudy white marks or blobs. Just a small amount is to be swept evenly (with the flat of the wider index finger, I find best) across the whole of the undereye in a few quick motions. For me 3 sweeps works, from the inner to the outer - one directly at the top under the lashes, one across the middle and the last one across the bottom of the undereye area. Throughout the 3 sweeps I keep the lined areas "stretched" for about 20 seconds till it's all dry, by doing the downward mouth stretch! You can't go back over it or fuss around with dabbing as that causes blobbing. Quick sweeping is the most effective, in my opinion anyway. I honestly reckon it does wonders for me every time Lasts all day and evening. Highly recommended.