Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer

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The one and only ORIGINAL! Same Eyesential in new, better packaging.

My Perfect Eyes is NOT Eyesential.

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Temporarily diminishes fine lines and puffy eyes for a younger appearance. Eyesential is a cosmetic product that does not penetrate the skin and therefore it is considered to be safe to use. eyesential

Treat yourself or someone you love to a Hollywood-style make-over!

Now you can look effortlessly fresh and vibrant, you can be one of those women, who are envied by others because you seem to fight the aging process and manage to look amazing every time they see you. How do I do that? you may ask.

Eyesential is an invisible concealer that temporarily eliminates puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles in approximately two minutes. It works like an instant eyelift in a bottle, leaving the skin noticeably smoother and younger looking. The effects last for up to 10 hours.*


We wanted to write this notice for our loyal and long standing customers so that you are fully aware of certain unauthorised sellers on eBay, Amazon and other on-line platforms claiming to sell our products.

As the sole Australian distributor of “Eyesential” & “The Lift” we want to draw your attention to the following: in order to ensure that you are receiving the genuine formula; consumers should only purchase these products directly from this website.

We are becoming increasingly concerned as to where these illegitimate sellers are obtaining their goods and therefore, we cannot guarantee that these products are indeed genuine items.

To help combat this, the manufacturers of Eyesential have recently changed the product packaging. Please take a moment to look through the website to check out our new boxes.

We want to thank you all for your continued and loyal business over the years – the daily reviews we continue to receive are always a pleasure to read!

why eyesential
  • It works in minutes!
  • It is safe to use!
  • It works for everyone*
* Well almost everyone. Unlike the industry average of 8%. We receive less than 1% dissatisfaction feedback for this product.

See these amazing results for yourself

Watch the video to see Eyesential work its magic

* Individual results may vary

This item will not be shipped to UK

Size 20ml
Brand Eyesential
Product Type Eye Care
Skin Type Ageing/mature skin

Aqua, Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Iron Oxides, Propylene, Glycol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Directions To get the best our of your EYESENTIAL follow the instructions carefully.
  1. Cleanse the skin around the eye area thoroughly and rinse with water to make sure the skin is totally free from cleansers, toners, moisturizers, make-up and oily residue. Pat dry gently.
  2. Shake the flacon vigorously. Dispense a very small amount of lotion into the palm of the hand.
  3. Looking straight ahead apply the lotion with the tip of the middle finger under the eye working from the inner eye, following the eye contour and out toward the temple in a firm single stroke. 1 to 3 single applications may be applied, for the best results use as little as possible.
  4. Avoid any facial movement for two to three minutes or until the lotion has dried.
  5. During the drying process there will be a firming feeling and in some cases a tightening sensation, which will disappear after a short period of time.
  6. Once the EYESENTIAL has dried powder make up may be applied very gently with a brush. Do not rub as this will ruin the effects of the product. Allow a period of 30 minutes before re-applying to re-balance the skin, then follow instructions 1-6 again.

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Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer Reviews
  1. Posted this on
    23 September 2020
    I now like the new applicator.
    Excellent, based on Danuta's rating *

    After much wasted product I have learnt how to use the new applicator...the product is great and from watching lots of ads it looks like many other companies are copying the product...or at least the end result. That I feel is the greatest compliment. Many thanks. Danuta

  2. Posted this on
    5 September 2020
    Must have
    Excellent, based on SHARON's rating *

    I have been using the under eye for many years. I find the Eyesential brand the most effective and with minimal white powdery residue. The new applicator makes it even easier again.

  3. Posted this on
    19 June 2020
    Fantastic product
    Excellent, based on VeraG's rating *

    have been using this product for the last 5 years and even though it says that it doesn't improve the fine lines under the eyes, it definitely does. I Highly recommend this product. When used properly its magic erasing the fine lines and any puffiness under the eyes. money well spent, and 1 bottle last for ages.

  4. Posted this on
    24 April 2020
    An excellent product and I have been using this for many years. Highly recommended.
    Excellent, based on Mary's rating *

    I have been using this product since it first came out. It really works as advertised. I use it everyday and adds a glow to my face and removes the bags and puffiness under my eyes. I use this as part of my morning routine and it lasts until the end of the day, even when I am working back or going out after work. One application lasts all day. I use it at home without make up over it, or with makeup when I go out or to work. I find the best results are light make up over the enhancer or even avoid foundation over the eye area and blend around the area. Either works well.

  5. Posted this on
    7 April 2020
    OK, based on KS's rating *

    I have used this product for many years and find it remarkable however the new packaging is causing me a little grief - I use twice as much. Hopefully this can be rectified.

  6. Posted this on
    4 April 2020
    Excellent, based on Jenny 's rating *

    Wonderful results. This the second time I have used this product. Nothing compares with it.

  7. Posted this on
    1 April 2020
    A LIFT without Surgery, is a Gift!
    Excellent, based on Gidgee's rating *

    Easy to use container, prompt delivery, instant effect on my many wrinkles,including my mouth lines! Wish it lasted longer!

  8. Posted this on
    29 March 2020
    Good, based on Rosalie's rating *

    I have been using this product for many years. I call it my "magic eye cream" and always use it when I go out in public with or without makeup. It gives me so much more confidence with my looks.However, I wish there was a way to ensure that I can use up every single drop of product. It is quite hard to access the bottom of the bottle with the applicator stick and I've started storing the bottle upside down to get as much out as I can.

  9. Posted this on
    17 March 2020
    It really Works
    Excellent, based on MM's rating *

    I have been using this product for some Years now. I apply my foundation and then place a very small amount on my finger and sweep across the bottom of my eye. It’s magic, the bags disappear. The trick is Not to use anymore than a tiny drop. My bottle last a year and I use it every day. The new applicator is the Pits, you cannot squeeze out a small amount so I transferred it to the old bottle with the application stick.

  10. Posted this on
    2 March 2020
    The product itself is ok but the new packaging leaves a lot to be desired, eg I am using more than twice as much as I need because I can't just squeeze out what I want and need...there must be a technique which I would like to find out about....that is a
    OK, based on Danuta's rating *

    The summary says it all.....I hope you can fix the applicator or give me some clues as to how to use it. Thank you for the opportunity to let you know how I feel. Regards Danuta

  11. Posted this on
    27 September 2019
    excellent product
    Excellent, based on Shirley's rating *

    Extremely pleased with Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer. Each morning I use a little under the eyes. Removes fine lines till I cleanse at night. Noticed that half way thru the bottle it does become thick. I have been told to add a couple of drops of warm water to the bottle. This seems to help.

  12. Posted this on
    22 September 2019
    My favourite cosmetic
    Excellent, based on Ann 's rating *

    I am now 67, I've been using this product for about 15 years, I recognise that the product is a temporary solution to enable tightening for under the eyes, but I notice a longer lasting effect. This is the one cosmetic that I would not go without.

  13. Posted this on
    3 August 2019
    I wouldn't be without it!!
    Excellent, based on Lynn's rating *

    I have bought this product for years. I accidentally ended up buying what I thought was the same product from a different site and was very let down. This is the only one that has always given me a fabulous result that lasts all day long.

  14. Posted this on
    13 June 2019
    Excellent product
    Excellent, based on Kay's rating *

    Great product transforms my tired eyes makes me feel ten years younger does exactly what the product stated would recommend Eyesential under Eye enhancer

  15. Posted this on
    28 February 2019
    Excellent, based on Dawn's rating *

    Always makes me feel great, cannot be without it.

  16. Posted this on
    17 December 2018
    Eye Enhancer is amazing, could not be without it.
    Excellent, based on Dawn's rating *

    The Eye Enhancer is fantastic, makes me feel good and look good. Couldn’t be without it.

  17. Posted this on
    13 December 2018
    Love this product
    Excellent, based on Allie's rating *

    I use this product everyday and have done for the past 5+ years. I never go without it. The results are amazing - no more bags under the eyes - and that works just fine for me! One small swipe under the eyes every day and I am good to go for the whole day. Although you can't use liquid foundation with it - wetting the Eyesential reduces its effectiveness - but mineral makeup works perfectly.

  18. Posted this on
    15 November 2018
    Great peoduct
    Excellent, based on Carol's rating *

    Love it would not buy any other brand

  19. Posted this on
    16 August 2018
    Love it.
    Excellent, based on Chris's rating *

    It absolutely works, I couldn’t be without this product. You just have to make sure you shake well and use only a little. I have tried lots and lots of products which claim to work wonders and do nothing they are all in the bin now. Just try it it’s wonderful.

  20. Posted this on
    9 August 2018
    Excellent, based on Dawn's rating *

    This is absolutely fantastic, would not be without it.

  21. Posted this on
    4 July 2018
    Using it for years
    Good, based on Maria's rating *

    I love this product it’s my secret weapon and have been using it for over 5 years . Gives my tired eyes a look of freshness and it lasts all day !

  22. Posted this on
    23 May 2018
    Love this product
    Excellent, based on Su's rating *

    Love this product, ensure enhancer is completely dry before applying makeup

  23. Posted this on
    16 May 2018
    Impressive results you can see in seconds.
    Good, based on Lynn's rating *

    I've been using this product every morning for about 4 years and would never go without it. Smoothing of the under eye lines happens straight away. I know some reviews say it is hard to use but disagree completely and I am a fussy reviewer. You REALLY must apply it correctly to avoid cloudy white marks or blobs. Just a small amount is to be swept evenly (with the flat of the wider index finger, I find best) across the whole of the undereye in a few quick motions. For me 3 sweeps works, from the inner to the outer - one directly at the top under the lashes, one across the middle and the last one across the bottom of the undereye area. Throughout the 3 sweeps I keep the lined areas "stretched" for about 20 seconds till it's all dry, by doing the downward mouth stretch! You can't go back over it or fuss around with dabbing as that causes blobbing. Quick sweeping is the most effective, in my opinion anyway. I honestly reckon it does wonders for me every time Lasts all day and evening. Highly recommended.

  24. Posted this on
    13 May 2018
    Excellent product
    Excellent, based on Kim's rating *

    I have been using eyesential for 9 years and absolutely love this product . It does exactly what it says it will do and I am constantly amazed at how it transforms my tired eyes into fresh unlined ones each use . I can't recommend this product highly enough

  25. Posted this on
    24 March 2018
    Excellent, based on Annette's rating *

    I have been using Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer for about 10 years now and have found it to be an excellent product. I never go a day without it. I find i don't need to use concealer to cover up my dark circles and it smooths out any lines i have in that area as well.

  26. Posted this on
    28 February 2018
    Hard to use
    Bad, based on Julieanne's rating *

    I find this product difficult to use. To little and I see no difference, when I use slightly more it flakes. I don't like not being able to apply foundation over the top.

  27. Posted this on
    7 January 2018
    Wonderful Product
    Excellent, based on Leanne's rating *

    Just try it as you will be elated

  28. Posted this on
    4 January 2018
    Excellent, based on Dawn's rating *

    Fantastic, cannot live without it, always make sure I have a spare on hand

  29. Posted this on
    24 November 2017
    Excellent, based on Chris's rating *

    Brilliant product, the only product I have tried which actually does what it says. Could not be without it now.

  30. Posted this on
    27 October 2017
    Seeing is believing
    Good, based on Maria's rating *

    Have used this product for a few years now and it’s part of my daily routine . No one likes wrinkles and it’s a quick non surgical way to hide them by using eyesential .

  31. Posted this on
    6 September 2017
    Excellent, based on Dawn's rating *

    Absolutely fantastic, makes me feel younger and with very little effort. Cannot be without it.

  32. Posted this on
    1 August 2017
    brilliant-easily takes 10 years off your face
    Excellent, based on sarah's rating *

    Bought this together with The Lift-. It really does have amazing resuts and works within a couple of minutes. I use the hairdryer on low if I'm in a hurry. Use as little as possible and make sure your skin is completely free of moisturiser and makeup or you will get white grainy dots. I use my normal(powder)make up and finish with a light bronzing powder including a light dusting over the under eye area, I find this blends everything in well. Do wait until it's completely dry though and try not to move your facial muscles while its drying. Even my husband noticed a difference-must be good LOL!!!

  33. Posted this on
    5 May 2017
    Excellent, based on Heidi 's rating *

    An absolutely amazing product, I couldn't live without it now :-)

  34. Posted this on
    19 April 2017
    Excellent product - will always use it
    Excellent, based on Ann 's rating *

    I've been using eyesential almost daily for over 10 years - it is probably THE most important item in my make up routine. The added benefit has been the lasting effect - in that the skin under my eyes is, in my opinion, staying tighter even with my advancing years. Ensure that you mix it well before applying and don't use too much - works beautifully.

  35. Posted this on
    25 March 2017
    Excellent, based on Ted's rating *

    Works a treat

  36. Posted this on
    19 January 2017
    A product that delivers gr8 results
    Excellent, based on Patricia's rating *

    A product that is true to its claims ... tried it once and there's no turning back now after 2yrs

  37. Posted this on
    7 January 2017
    Greatest invention !
    Excellent, based on Wah-Wei's rating *

    Used it for few years now. Shake the bottle at least 40 times. I use mineral powder make up, marries well together .

  38. Posted this on
    22 December 2016
    Been using for over two years. Love it.
    Excellent, based on bernard's rating *

    Really love this product. Have been using it for over two years and I still get comments like, "Have you just had Botox!! " Reading some of the other reviews all I can say is, " Read the directions! " You have to shake the bottle very well before using.

  39. Posted this on
    18 December 2016
    A must have
    Good, based on Maria's rating *

    A must have product , can feel it working within seconds of applying . True to video and tv ads

  40. Posted this on
    29 October 2016
    Excellent product,
    Good, based on Trudi 's rating *

    Never leave home without it

  41. Posted this on
    11 September 2016
    Best Cosmetic product in the market
    Excellent, based on Rosalind's rating *

    I have been using Eyesential for about 8 years and can thoroughly recommend it to all women It is the only product that actually does what it claims - immediately gets rid of bags and lines under the eye and lasts all day. I wouldn't got to work without using it. I am 67 years old and have always got wonderful compliments about how youthful I look, and I know it's because of Eyesential !!

  42. Posted this on
    11 June 2016
    An excellent product
    Excellent, based on lynne's rating *

    This really does everything it says - within seconds the puffiness and bags disappear from under your eyes taking away years. You can apply makeup without any trouble and it does lat all day - I love it and always take advantage of buying two and getting other one for half price - just love it

  43. Posted this on
    11 June 2016
    love this product. Cheaper than an eye job!
    Excellent, based on Su's rating *

    Been using this product for about 5 years. Always get comments on how good it looks. Friends think I have actually had surgery!

  44. Posted this on
    6 June 2016
    Very good product
    Good, based on Damon's rating *

    Really works as described, first sample was a bit grainy after awhile in the jar. Last few bottles no problems so think formula might be better. Lasts a very long time and only small amount needed.

  45. Posted this on
    5 May 2016
    Excellent, based on Catherine's rating *

    The Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer definitely tightens the skins under the eyes and reduces the bags and shadows. The improved look lasts all day. Makeup over the area has to be put on with care but it's do-able. Definitely worth purchasing this product. I wear it everyday and keep coming back for more.

  46. Posted this on
    29 April 2016
    Secret fountain of youth
    Excellent, based on Allie's rating *

    My sister put me onto this product and I love it... I don't leave home without it! It really does work!

  47. Posted this on
    10 March 2016
    Always works !!
    Excellent, based on Rhonda's rating *

    I have been using this for years and feel under-dressed without it. There would hardly be a day that I do not use it. I love it and have never had a problem. It just has to be applied as per directions.

  48. Posted this on
    17 February 2016
    Works every time!
    Excellent, based on Debby's rating *

    I have been using this product for around 6 years now, every morning I apply the cream on the bags under my eye and in a minute or so, magic, the bags disappear and I look 10 years younger. You must try it for yourself.

  49. Posted this on
    1 December 2015
    Excellent Product
    Excellent, based on Zil's rating *

    If I were to choose only one cosmetic - this would be it! Inexpensive when used correctly (the smallest amount works best), immediately gets rid of under eye lines and bags. Great product. Zil

  50. Posted this on
    8 October 2015
    Excellent Product
    Excellent, based on Alison's rating *

    I have been using Eyesential for many years. I love it and use it daily and can't do without it.

  51. Posted this on
    1 October 2015
    Eyesential cream fantastic
    Excellent, based on Maria's rating *

    I love the eyesential cream, makes me look younger and hides the puffiness under the eyes giving me a more smoother look. I use it daily and now can't do without it.

  52. Posted this on
    23 September 2015
    Excellent Product
    Excellent, based on Happy's rating *

    Great product for puffy under eye area - I have been using this product for about 5 years and now couldn't live without it!

  53. Posted this on
    11 September 2015
    great product
    Excellent, based on wendy's rating *

    I have used this product for some time and am always very happy with the results

  54. Posted this on
    31 August 2015
    A must have every day
    Excellent, based on Sandy's rating *

    I have been using this product for years and simply love it. I cannot get through my day without it. It makes me look and feel brighter and my face feels nice and smooth.

  55. Posted this on
    13 August 2015
    Use it every day
    Excellent, based on Linda's rating *

    Have been using Eyesential for four years. Love it and wear it every day. It's my secret weapon that makes me feel beautiful.

  56. Posted this on
    3 August 2015
    Excellent, based on Rosalie's rating *

    I have been using this product for about 5 years now and I am still amazed at the results! The bags under my eyes were previously disguised by my glasses, and I always joked that I would need plastic surgery should I not require glasses anymore. Following major eye surgery I no longer wear glasses and constantly receive compliments about my appearance when I am using Eyesential. It makes me feel 10 years younger and much more confident about my looks!!

  57. Posted this on
    10 June 2015
    Excellent, based on judi's rating *

    I have been using eyesential for 3 years. When I don't use it people ask my if I am tired. It makes you look fresh and years younger. Only problem I can't do without it now. Always hated my bags under my eyes so now feel much more confident. I love it.

  58. Posted this on
    6 June 2015
    Excellent, based on Dawn's rating *

    I have been using the eye enhancer for about 2 years and love it. Easy to apply, Not greasy, plus makes you feel great. Would recommend , worth the money.

  59. Posted this on
    27 May 2015
    Great product.
    Excellent, based on Bronwyn's rating *

    Under eye enhancer really works and I highly recommend it!

  60. Posted this on
    19 February 2015
    Excellent, based on Rosalind's rating *

    I have been using Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer since 2003. Love it!

  61. Posted this on
    23 December 2014
    I just love it.
    Excellent, based on Anna-Maria's rating *

    I have used Eyesential since it came out i cannot get through my day unless i use it,it finishes of my makeup.

  62. Posted this on
    3 December 2014
    Can't live without eyesential! It's the best!
    Excellent, based on Megan's rating *

    Absolutely addicted to eyesential. Its the best!

  63. Posted this on
    21 November 2014
    I love using this product everyday under my makeup I am always getting compliemnts on my skin & how fresh it looks
    Excellent, based on Patricia's rating *

    Great, easy to use product that brings results , makes me feel great & I would not go out the door without it.

  64. Posted this on
    8 November 2014
    Great product, love the feel on my skin.
    Good, based on Jennifer's rating *

    I have been using Eyesential for about a year and have managed to perfect how much to apply and how to use it with mineral powder. It is a bit of an art but worth the effort.

  65. Posted this on
    22 October 2014
    Excellent, based on Su's rating *

    Love it and dont leave home without it. Tip...add a drop or two of water when near the end of bottle give a good shake and you should get another week or two out of it.

  66. Posted this on
    16 October 2014
    No more bags!
    Excellent, based on Debby's rating *

    Hi, I normally have bags under my eyes which makes me look much older than I am. When I use Eyesential the bags disappear and I look 10 years younger, I use this product every day, I never go without it, love it. Its not evasive and easy to use, washes off at night so I know its not harmful to me. Try it, I promise you wont be disappointed.

  67. Posted this on
    15 October 2014
    Who needs surgery with Eyesential. Not me
    Excellent, based on Barbara's rating *

    Love this product and it goes with me when ever I travel. Have been using for over 3 years daily and it has made such a difference making me look more youthful and no wrinkles or bags around my eyes. Love it

  68. Posted this on
    2 October 2014
    Amazing Eyesential
    Excellent, based on Megan's rating *

    Eyesential excellent as usual. Thank you!

  69. Posted this on
    23 September 2014
    Eye essential really works
    Excellent, based on Darryl's rating *

    I've found eye essential really does work ..the less you use the better the results .

  70. Posted this on
    18 September 2014
    Excellent , simple product easy to use that works !!
    Good, based on Patricia's rating *

    Product delivered within 24hrs excellent ! Easy to use glides on use fingertips ... not applying too much otherwise gets gluggy , need to ensure fully dry ... use blowdyrer when in hurry ... before applying moisturiser / makeup Appears to firm tighten & lift around eye area ... taking that tired dark circles look away ... making skin look more fresh & alive for the day

  71. Posted this on
    30 August 2014
    Sensational product
    Excellent, based on Kim's rating *

    I have been using eyesential daily for over 4 years and just luv it . It takes years off my face and is real confidence booster . It is the one product I can't live without .

  72. Posted this on
    27 August 2014
    Excellent, based on Trudi's rating *

    it's the best thing i have ever used, never leave the house without it!!

  73. Posted this on
    13 August 2014
    Good product and long lasting
    Good, based on Jennifer's rating *

    I really like using eyesential - it really tightens the fine skin under my eyes but have not quite worked out how to use it under my mineral powder (Nude). Eyesential does not appear to work quite as well after I brush on my makeup. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.

  74. Posted this on
    8 August 2014
    Excellent, based on Erica's rating *

    I have been using this product on a daily basis for over 2 years and it's truly amazing. The bags under my eyes disappear as I watch. I love it.

  75. Posted this on
    23 July 2014
    Excellent, based on Cheryl's rating *

    I love this product as the bags under my eyes disappear. By the end of the day it needs renewing. Overall very pleased with the product

  76. Posted this on
    17 May 2014
    Excellent, based on Sharyn's rating *

    I have been using this product for two years now and highly recommend it. I have bought it for my friends and they love it too!

  77. Posted this on
    1 May 2014
    Best product ever
    Excellent, based on Zillah's rating *

    If I could choose only one cosmetic product, this would be the one. Makes me look years younger.

  78. Posted this on
    4 April 2014
    Love Love Love this product
    Excellent, based on Linda's rating *

    I cannot live without Eyesential. I feel so much more confident because the bags under my eyes disappear with this product. Once you perfect the application is it so easy to use. I always wipe under my eyes with a cotton round to ensure the area is clean and apply Eyesential as the final stage of my makeup routine. It last all day. Remember less is more with this product- no need to over apply

  79. Posted this on
    20 March 2014
    Mostly happy with product-would not be without it.
    Good, based on Denise's rating *

    Am quite happy with product, but when it gets towards the end of the product it tends to be 'gluggy' and goes on thicker. It would be nice from time to time to maybe get a sachet sample of similar products for comparison, if this is possible. Have been purchasing this product for some time now, and I think overall it does help the eye area in general.

  80. Posted this on
    28 February 2014
    excellent product.
    Good, based on sylvia's rating *

    I keep on buying eyesential as it really works. it just dries out a little by the end of the bottle, which results in having flaky undereys. apart from that I highly recommend this product.

  81. Posted this on
    27 February 2014
    Excellent product that achieves what they say it will
    Excellent, based on Susan's rating *

    I have found eyesential to be all that they profess it to be. I am really pleased with the constant results.

  82. Posted this on
    18 January 2014
    Simply the best
    Excellent, based on Julie's rating *

    I have been using this product for 5 years on a daily basis. I love it and it gives me a lift.!

  83. Posted this on
    14 January 2014
    Excellent, based on robert's rating *

    My wife has been using the eyesential and has been amazed in the results and it has been the only product she has used that does what it says it will do and she will continue getting the product and recommends it to everyone. Go Eyesentials keep,keeping me happy.thak you Regina

  84. Posted this on
    24 December 2013
    My wife was very happy with the results.
    Excellent, based on George's rating *

    The product did exactly what you promised it would do & my wife said that she would buy it again.

  85. Posted this on
    11 December 2013
    not happy
    Bad, based on cathy's rating *

    not happy with product at all, just powder up under eyes when I smile. Very uncomfortable- feels tight across the skin

    Skinsentials Online Beauty Warehouse

    Dear Cathy, there are several possible explanations for the fact that the Eyesential turned in to powder:
    • The bottle has not been shaken properly (this will be noticeable with ‘gritty’ particles appearing prior to application),
    • Too much product has been used, or
    • There is a oil-based product underneath (in this case, please cleanse thoroughly, ensuring that any traces of cream have been removed).

  86. Posted this on
    20 November 2013
    i find it essential
    Excellent, based on elaine's rating *

    Use it every morning and love the results

  87. Posted this on
    24 October 2013
    Very good
    Good, based on Julie's rating *

    I have used Eyesential for over a year now it has worked great on the puffiness under my eyes..

  88. Posted this on
    27 September 2013
    Only wrinkle product I absolutely endorse
    Excellent, based on Janine's rating *

    I have been using this and similar products for about ten years. I've tried many products that come on the market to help reduce lines and firm skin tone. This is actually the only one that I can absolutely endorse. Love it. It works. Surprised by some negative reviews. Some people find a sting or tingle on first use. If you rub the area or reapply it too soon, that can happen. But apply it correctly and it works perfectly.

  89. Posted this on
    10 September 2013
    great product
    Excellent, based on virginia's rating *

    I Love your Eye essential, it really works

  90. Posted this on
    4 September 2013
    what a great product
    Excellent, based on LINDA's rating *

    I am so glad i gave this product a go, my deep lines under my eyes are gone in minutes, makes me look much younger and fresh faced. I use it every day.

  91. Posted this on
    1 September 2013
    love it
    Excellent, based on chris's rating *

    I love it xxxx it is so good ,I only use a little bit under my eyes after that I put loose powder on it and it stay nice the whole day ,

  92. Posted this on
    1 September 2013
    very good
    Excellent, based on chris's rating *

    I love this product and It works ,everyday a little bit under the eyes, I put lose powder over it ,and it looks good the whole day , with a bottle I do 6 month.i always have a spare .I will never go out the house with out eyesential it is very good,i love it ,

  93. Posted this on
    29 August 2013
    Love it
    Excellent, based on Linda's rating *

    I love this product. I am 55 years of age and do not leave the house without it. Less is more when applying. When I first used it I did get a bit of a sting but tried again a few days later and have never looked back. Don't put liquid foundation over the top just go to the top of the cheek bone.

  94. Posted this on
    11 August 2013
    Excellent product
    Excellent, based on Elaine's rating *

    I use this product in conjunction with another eye product and have found I need to use less Eyesential and have a better result. I have tried other products in the past but have never had good results so I will continue to use Eyesential forever. My only wish would be that it is never to be discontinued.

  95. Posted this on
    9 August 2013
    Foundation on top-problem!
    Good, based on Pamela's rating *

    This product is very good..with one small problem sadly you apply liquid foundation over it...it won't mix! Fine to wear natural though-does minimize the wrinkles-I'm over 50 too.

  96. Posted this on
    12 May 2013
    Product irritates and stings
    Bad, based on Lynda's rating *

    I put eyesential on to my skin and it instantly started stinging and irritating my skin. I cannot use it. I have asked for a refund. I would not recommend it to anyone!

  97. Posted this on
    22 February 2013
    Great product Love It !
    Excellent, based on Lyn's rating *

    No problems with Eyesential, have been using this product regularily for at least a year. Its formulation has been improved from 20years ago when at the Beauty Trade show trialled for the very first time. I wasn't convinced then but 12 months ago my client got one ...

  98. Posted this on
    3 November 2012
    Can't apply makeup
    OK, based on Nicole's rating *

    Surely, the product works as I saw in the TV. What they forgot to mention, that I cannot apply make-up on top of it!. What's the use then? Luckily I also ordered my small Blackmagic sampler and it did the trick. I think I'll chage to that product in the future.

  99. Posted this on
    13 January 2012
    eyesential is very good
    Excellent, based on chrisxx's rating *

    i love it , i only put a little bit under my eyes ,that bottle go a long way ,6 month, i dont do it like the tv commercel ,that is a wast to put it on your hand first ,put a little bit out the bottle on your finger and then under your eyes ,i realy love this product.

  100. Posted this on
    13 January 2012
    I am 51 years old and
    Excellent, based on Kim's rating *

    I use this product under my eyes every day and it eliminates ALL wrinkles. It is wonderful and I recommend it to all who have wrinkles that they don't like. They are gone in an instant and it lasts ALL day or until you wash your face. 10 out of 10.

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