Eyesential The Lift Professional Mini-Lifting System
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28 June 2017

Review for - Eyesential The Lift Professional Mini-Lifting System

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Found it did not work as promoted

Could be better, based on Heather's rating

Was so disappointed that this product did not work as as promoted. The texture of my skin did feel smooth but did not minimise the appearance of lines/wrinkles at all and found the finishing cream left my skin feeling dry and crying out for moisture and I had to add additional moisturiser. There were not enough instructions advising how often the finishing creme should be used, once/twice daily or only after treatment. Found Eyesentials Under Eye Enhancer excellent but cannot say the same for the Lift.

Skinsentials Online Beauty Warehouse

Dear Heather,

Thank you so much for your review. Please note that you need to use the Lift 2-3 time in the first week, then once every week afterwards in order to get the best results. We also recommend that you use a Vitamin C and/or Retinol serum after washing off the mask and before applying the cream.

We sincerely hope that after following these guidelines you will be better satisfied with our purchase.

Kind regards,
The Team @ Skinsentials