Eyesential The Lift Professional Mini-Lifting System
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19 September 2018

Review for - Eyesential The Lift Professional Mini-Lifting System

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Best thing I've ever bought

Excellent, based on Amy's rating

This product is by far the best thing I have ever used. It feels horrible the first time you use it as it tightens and dries but once you get used to the feeling it's actually quite relaxing. You see immediate results. Skin looks smoother and fine lines are reduced. I was using it once a month when I first purchased it in the sachets but in the bulk containers I feel I can afford to use it at least once a week, sometimes more. I have even noticed a reduction in blackheads and pimples as a result of using the mask regularly. I would recommend using the finishing center, followed by a good quality night cream to get some extra moisture into your skin, just because sometimes I tend to feel a little dry after using the mask. My skin is sensitive to eczema, dryness and also breakouts of acne but I have never had any issues that I would associate with using the lift. I actually think the lift helps keep my skin conditions under control. I highly recommend this product. Words honestly cannot Express hope impressed I am with the lift.