Eyesential The Lift Professional Mini-Lifting System
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1 August 2017

Review for - Eyesential The Lift Professional Mini-Lifting System

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Amazing product!

Excellent, based on sarah's rating

I bought this from a stand at our local show in June. The results really are good. You have to use it twice in the frst week-and I immediatly notice a better skin tone and softening wrinkles. Then every week after that. I've used it for 2 months now every week and peope often think that my daughter (35) and I are sisters. (I am 61) it seems a lot to pay initially,but for a product that works its worth it. There is enough in this pack for about a year. You only need a small amount-one teaspoonfull of the liquid and powder mixed together and brushed over the neck and face.(clear instructions are in the pack) Neck results are very good. I also had quite deep lines between my eyes and running down from the corners of my mouth which have all nearky disappeared now! I really can't recommend this product highly enough.