Arquebuse Water - For skin problems

Size: 100ml | Brand: Arquebuse | SKU: 7640155060028
Used to help aleviate various skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, pigmentation, rosacea, skin lesions, skin ulcers, etc. Obtained from 37 different medicinal plants and herbs from the Swiss Alps.

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The Arquebuse Water was formulated and produced in Switzerland based on a 500-year-old wisdom and specifically to treat skin problems. Today, the Arquebuse Water is successfully used in Europe mainly to treat severe skin conditions, but its cosmetic benefits are becoming more and more obvious.

Useful Recommendations:

Face: It regenerates the skin, increases natural immunity and makes your skin fresh, soft and smooth all day. It has an anti-bacterial effect making it particularly suitable for acne. It is extremely effective after any kind of cosmetic treatment and calms the skin immediately. It can be used after shaving against pimples and skin inflammation. *

Any part of the body: it removes body odor produced by the bacteria. It is excellent against insect bites, and has a beneficial effect on the veins, hemorrhoids, and muscle aches. This is the best product for hygienic care of intimate places. *

Thighs, toes, soles: By massaging the extract on your feet after your morning toilette, you will avoid swollen legs. When massaged into the thighs and leg calves it reduces leg fatigue. It keeps feet fresh and clean (smell-free) throughout the day. *

After sun exposure: The Arquebuse Water relieves, soothes and refreshes the skin, so it is an important ally during holidays whether in the mountains or at the beach. *

  • Uses: - Skin infections
    - Skin injuries
    - For insect bites and stings
    - for nettle-rash
    - Cold sores
    - Sunburn and other burn injuries
  • cont... - Freckles
    - Skin restructuring
    - Age Spots
    - After shave toner
    - After cosmetic treatments
    - After waxing or permanent hair removal

Read more about using this 500 years old wisdom in skin treatment with Arquebuse Water

Before and After photos, including the time it took these customers to achieve the desired results *

Purulent, infected wound under the mouth. Full recovery after 3 weeks

Skin ulcer - Significant improvement after 10 days *
Recovery from skin ulcer

Deep, open wound - the patient was sceptical and did not record the initial stage (the "before" picture), only the two following phases photographed at 3 weeks interval *
Recovery from open wound

Read more about using this 500 years old wisdom in skin treatment with Arquebuse Water
Size 100ml
Brand Arquebuse
Product Type Body care, Cleanse and Tone, Serums
Skin Type All Skin Types, Acne/problem skin, Ageing/mature skin, Normal/Combination Skin, Oily Skin, Pigmentation, Rosacea/Fragile Capillaries, Sensitive Skin
Ingredients Aqua, Aclohol 38 deg., Salvia Officinalis herba, Symptium Officinalis folium, Symptium Officinalis radix, Artemisia Vulgaris folium, Agrimonia Eupatoria folium, Verbena Officinalis folium, Arnica Montana flos, Artemisia Absinthum folium, Plantago Lanceolata folium, Scrophularia Nodosa herba, Fumaria Officinalis herba, Bellis Perenis flos, Slachys Officinalis floium, Leucontheum Vulgare flos, Foenicula Vulgare sement, Calendula Officinalis flos, Symptium Officinalis folium, Equisetum Arvense herba, Ephrasia Officinalis herba, Matriarcia Chamomilla, Globularia Punctata herba, Echinacea Angusti folia, Echinacea Angusti radix, Centaurium Oliginusum folium, Sedum Acre herba, Echinacea Angusti folia, HypericumPerformatum herba, Veronica Officinalis herba, Angelica Officinalis radix, Hyssopus Officinalis herba, Lavandula Officinalis flos, Achillea Millefolium herba, Mentha Piperita folium, Gallicum Verum herba, Chelidonium Majus, Camomilla REcutica flos, Sanicula Europaea herba
Directions Apply 3-5 times daily onto the skin surface and massage until complete absorption. If treating hematoma soak a soft cloth with Arquebuse Water and hold in the affected area with a compress overnight. Repeat until full recovery. External use only! Keep out of reach of children.

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Arquebuse Water - For skin problems Reviews
  1. Posted this on
    13 February 2019
    Great product
    Excellent, based on Rose's rating *

    Arquebuse water really works and quickly made a difference to my skin problem.

  2. Posted this on
    26 January 2018
    Great product
    Excellent, based on Rosie's rating *

    Love this product. It really works!

  3. Posted this on
    26 June 2015
    Excellent product
    Excellent, based on Rosemarie's rating *

    I have sleep apnoea and started to wear a mask over the nose and mouth with the CPAP machine. I found it was tight and even started to 'cut into' the skin on one side of the nose. (loosening meant there was leakage of air). Also started to get some small red lumps over my nose. Use of the Arquebuse water has completely healed the red lumps and almost completely healed the skin in a week of use. I highly recommend this product.

  4. Posted this on
    30 November 2014
    Smells lovely - all family using
    Good, based on MissB's rating *

    Order arrived in record time. Bought for my mothers leg ulcers, have tried other treatments but nothing works. Hoping this will finally heal ulcers. Rest of the family using it as it smells so good and is refreshing when sprayed on face,body's and hair.

    Skinsentials Online Beauty Warehouse

    Dear Miss B, thank you so much for your feedback! Please let us know how you go with your mother's leg ulcers and if possible, take "before" and "after" pictures.
    Kind regards,
    The Team @ Skinsentials

  5. Posted this on
    7 October 2012
    Great for psoriasis/eczema
    Excellent, based on Agnes's rating *

    My experience with the Arquebuse water I have suffered from psoriasis for many years, I've tried many treatments - I basically tried dozens of creams and doctor recommended treatments, but no luck. Accidentally, one of my friends recommended the Arquebuse water (she also got it from a friend of a friend). I figured I had nothing to lose, although - given the previous experience / failures - I strongly doubted its efficacy. After approximately 3 days of applying the "water" the itching subsided, my skin became smoother and I noticed that there was less inflammation too. After 1 to 1.5 weeks the skin inflammation was significantly reduced, the red spots faded and the itching was completely gone. About 3 weeks into the treatment (twice daily application), quite incredibly, my psoriasis was gone!!! The fact that while focusing on treating my psoriasis, my varicose veins got better too, is really just the icing on the cake. Encouraged by these results, I started using the Arquebuse water for burns (sunburns as well), insect bites, acne, etc and every time, I had to acknowledge with a satisfied smile that this amazing product works for them as well. I recommend the everyday use of the Arquebuse Water, it dramatically improved the skin on my face too and although it doesn't make me 20 years old again (I am 48), I do get compliments about my significantly improved skin condition. Eczema on legs

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